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Quality Assurance

All our instruments are manufactured in congruence with the international quality control parameters. Adopting Total Quality Management (T.Q.M), as our pivotal function, every aspect of the manufacturing process is scrutinized by professional auditors. We have adopted following techniques for continual improvement towards Quality:

1 -  Measuring Function:

Items are measured with appropriate IMT equipments calibrated with identifiable to national or international standards.

2 -  Product Protection:

Items are treated special care during handling, processing, storage and packaging to protect from unwanted situations.

3 -  Quality Control Inspection:

Quality control inspection is carried out 100 % during manufacturing and at final stages. In the final stage if less than (2%) Rejected pieces found from the lot then Lot will approve for Dispatch, No more further inspection will require.  If more than (2%) Rejected pieces found from the lot then Lot will reject & 100% re-inspection will require. Furthermore QA designated person performs the 4% inspection to assure product quality. If single piece found reject in Q.A Inspection (4%), then complete lot will be re-inspected. QA Manager is responsible for applying suitable statistical techniques to ensure consistent quality and appropriate process control. The Statistical techniques identified in the company are:

•    Bar Graphs
•    Cause and Effect Diagram
•    Pareto Diagram
•    Control Charts

Overall quality on manufacture fault (Pits, Cuts, Scratches, and Finish etc) is checked manually & visually by trained inspectors. Critical measurements as per technical drawings are checked with calibrated vernier calipers & steel rulers. Relevant inspection checklists are available for reference if necessary.

4 -  Codes and Standards:

Product is made under all the international standards to ensure its quality requirements, reliability, and durability in the global market

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