ISAHA Medical - Surgical - Medical Instruments Sialkot Pakistan.

ISAHA Medical specializes in Surgery Instruments, Forceps-Scissors, Laryngoscope Blade-Otoscope. We offer to buy Quality Products at Affordable Prices.
ISAHA Medical. established in 2012 and is engaged in the field of Medical Diagnostic Instruments and Surgery Instruments. The company specializes in the production of anaesthesia products, Laryngoscopes, Otoscope and Surgical - Diagnostic Instruments. ISAHA Medical is also supplying Quality Assured products to various, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in strategic parts of the globe, who are covering a vast territory through their sales network.

ISAHA Medical offers the broadest selection of Quality Surgical Instruments used in procedures of Plastic Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Gynecology Surgery & anesthesia products includes Laryngoscopes, Otoscopes and Diagnostic Instruments.
The main focus of ISAHA Medical is to enhance their presence in Global Health Care Industry with the help of Quality Assured Products. Therefore, ISAHA Medical consistently manufacturing the Quality surgical instruments, Laryngoscope and Otoscope with the help of using effective Statistical Quality Control Techniques & Quality Management System.
Our Strengths

Sourcing of quality raw materials.
Experienced and qualified workforce.
Statistical Techniques and problem solving methodologies (like: Pareto Diagram, Control Charts, Cause & Effect Diagram & Bar Graph).
A sense of morality, honesty, and hard work in all our dealings.

Our Business

ISAHA Medical products range includes.

In addition to the above offerings, ISAHA Medical is also capable enough to manufacture customized products with the help of given a sample or drawing for the item of interest.

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Laryngoscope - Otoscope, Laryngoscoop, Otoscoop, Laryngoskop, Otoskop | ISAHA
ISAHA Medical specializes in manufacturing of Laryngoscope, Otoscope, Laryngoscoop, Otoscoop, Layngoskop, Otoskop in Pakistan and offer to buy Quality products at nominal prices.
ISAHA Medical Laryngoscope products range includes: 
conventional laryngoscope bladesconventional laryngoscope handlesfiber optic laryngoscope bladesfiber optic laryngoscope handlesintegrated fiber optic laryngoscope bladeintegrated fiber optic flex tip laryngoscope bladedisposable conventional led laryngoscope blades flex tipdisposable laryngoscope fiber optic handledisposable led laryngoscope blades conventionaldisposable fiber optic flex tip laryngoscope bladefiber optic flex tip laryngoscope bladeconventional handle disposabledisposable fiberoptic laryngoscope blades

Plastic Surgery - Surgical Instruments | ISAHA Medical

ISAHA Medical offer to buy comprehensive selection of Quality Assured Surgical Instruments used in Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Procedure at Nominal Prices.

ISAHA Medical offer the broadest selection of Plastic Surgery Instruments used in Plastic surgical procedures at affordable prices:
Plastic Surgery Instruments range includes: diagnostic setsmeasuring instrumentsscalpel handlesmicro scissorsmicro delicate scissorsdelicate scissorsoperating scissorssuper cut scissorsdelicate forcepstissue forcepsdressing forcepsatraumatic forcepsear forcepshemostatic forcepssponge & dressing forcepsneedle holdersligature needlesprobescotton applicatorsmouth gagsretractorsnasal speculaelevatorsraspatoriesosteotomessurgical malletsbone filesbreast surgerybone rongeursbone cutting forcepsbone surgeryhand surgeryinfiltration cannulacannula for liposcultureliposuction cannulasskin grafting – dermatomesmarkerplastic surgery markermicro suctions tubes

Orthopedic Surgery Instruments-Tools | ISAHA Medical

ISAHA Medical offers to buy, wide range of Quality Assured Surgical Instruments - equipment or Tools used in Orthopedic Surgery Procedure at Nominal Prices.
ISAHA Medical offers wide range of Orthopedic Surgery Instruments and tools used in orthopedic surgical procedures:
Retractorselevatorsperiosteal, raspatoriesbone filessharp curettessurgical malletstampersosteotomeschiselsbone surgerybone holding forcepshand surgerybone rongeursbone cutting scissorsrib spreadersrib shearswires and nailsextension bowstwist drillsosteosinthesehand drillsbending pliersbending presswire guidesneedle holderscutting pliersmicro dissectorssuction tubeslaminectomy rongeursknivesscalpelstowel clampsscissorstissue forcepshemostatic forcepsartrhroscopy instruments.  

Gynecology Surgery – Surgical Instruments | ISAHA Medical

ISAHA Medical offers wide selection of Gynecology surgery instruments used in gynecological surgery procedures.
kidney stone forcepscatheters-metal probesgall duct dilatorsintestines urologycotton swab forceps hemostaticvaginal specula and retractorsendocervical speculauterine dilatatorsuterine soundsuterine forcepsmyoma and micro tube instrumentsuterine biopsy aspirating curettesbiopsy forcepsuterine curettes

Manicure – Veterinary – Piercing Tools | ISAHA Medical

Quality Manicure, Veterinary and Tattoo & Piercing Tools are available at affordable prices. Please contact ISAHA Medical for inquiry.

General Surgery – Surgical Instruments | ISAHA Medical

ISAHA Medical offers to buy Quality Assured hand-held Surgical Instruments used in General Surgery procedure at nominal prices.
ISAHA Medical offers the broadest selection of General Surgery Instruments at affordable prices.
curetteselevatorsforcepshooksneedle holderosteotomesretractorsscalpel handlesscissorssuction tubesupercut scissors.
Laryngoscope Blades, Handles Reusable and Disposable - ISAHA

ISAHA Medical - Manufacturer of Quality Laryngoscope Blades and Handles (Reusable and Disposable) in Pakistan and offer to buy these products at affordable prices.

Laryngoscope Blades, Fiber optic-Disposable & Mini-Otoscope: ISAHA

ISAHA Medical Offer to Buy Laryngoscope Blades both Fiber optic and Disposable & Standard-Mini Otoscope at Nominal Price.

Quality Surgical Instruments - Laryngoscope-Otoscope | ISAHA Medical

ISAHA Medical specializes in manufacturing of Surgical Instruments, Laryngoscope and Otoscope. We offer to buy Quality Products at Affordable Prices.

Laryngoscope Blades - Laryngoscopy Procedure | ISAHA Medical

ISAHA Medical offers wide range of Laryngoscope Blades and Handles (both fiber optic-conventional) for effective examination of Laryngoscopy Procedure.

Laryngoscope Blades, Handles Reusable and Disposable - ISAHA

ISAHA Medical - Manufacturer of Quality Laryngoscope Blades and Handles (Reusable and Disposable) in Pakistan and offer to buy at affordable prices.

Quality Surgical Instruments-Laryngoscope-Otoscope | ISAHA Medical

ISAHA Medical specializes in manufacturing of Surgical Instruments, Laryngoscope and Otoscope in Pakistan. We offer to buy Quality Products at Nominal Prices.

Laryngoscope Blade-Otoscope-Surgery Inst-Forceps-Scissors | ISAHA Medical

ISAHA Medical specializes in Surgery Instruments-Forceps-Scissors, Laryngoscope Blade-Otoscope. We offer to buy Quality Products at Affordable Prices.

Laryngoscope Blade-Otoscope-Surgery tools-Forceps-Scissors | ISAHA Medical

ISAHA Medical offers to Buy Quality Products of Surgery tools, Forceps-Scissors, Laryngoscope Blade and Otoscope both Fiber Optic-Disposable.

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ISAHA Medical
ISAHA Medical
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