Frequently Asked Questions

ISAHA Medical receives the following frequently asked questions. So, please find the following answers to your questions. In the same way, If you don’t see the answer in this section, please feel free to send your question to

  • Quality Products of surgical instruments and beauty and dissection tools.

    ISAHA Medical provides Premium Quality Products, including surgical instruments,  beauty and makeup tools, dissections, and scientific tools. Similarly, we guarantee that our handcrafted instruments and equipment are appropriate for their intended use and have high precision. Here, you may explore our specialized items. Also, feel free to call us at +92-333-9999462 or email us.

  • Material Selection:

    When we make instruments, we use the following grades of high-quality steel:

    • AISI 410 & 420 series.
    • AISI 303 & 304 series.
    • Japanese & German Stainless Steel.

    The key to our success is our adequate quality assurance. We use suitable materials for the right products. We can also make products to order and get materials that fit their needs.

  • Product Feature:

    Our products include a three-year warranty against defects from the date of purchase. ISAHA Medical is obligated to uphold this warranty; if the acquired instrument proves to be faulty in design or construction, we will replace it at no cost.

    However, product replacements will not be provided for those instruments that are damaged due to the following issues:

    • Abuse or misuse.
    • Unsuitable cleaning, storage, or conservation.
    • The warranty period has expired.
    • Improper handling etc.

    Please include the following while submitting a claim:

    • Invoice copy of the defective instrument.
    • If possible, then the faulty tool for our evaluation.
  • Product Delivery Time Frame:

    It depends on the type of Instruments and how many are being ordered. However, we keep enough stock for all regular order items so that delivery time doesn’t take more than four weeks.

    When it comes to specialized products, the delivery time depends on several things, such as necessary information received from the customer. Also, above mentioned are frequently asked questions.

  • Payment Terms & Condition:

    We only work with clients who have paid in advance. C.A.D. and the creation of an irrevocable letter of credit are further payment possibilities. As a matter of policy, we are unable to offer credit.

  • Distinguish Feature of ISAHA Medical:

    Our defining characteristic is our capacity to respond quickly to the specific needs of our clients and shape our production capabilities.
    We believe in creating extremely close and long-term relationships with our clients to comprehend their specific needs and act appropriately.
    In the same way, we believe in offering a service that ensures our clients’ complete success in their respective markets and helps them expand.

  • Yes! We are sending you our printing catalog by courier on a freight collect basis. So, please instruct the UPS office in Sialkot to collect the printing catalog from us.

  • Online Catalog:

    In our Online Catalogue Section, you can find all of our current catalogs that you can view online. Please send us an email at if you want a pdf catalog.

  • We are confident in exporting General Surgery Instruments, dissections, and beauty tools.

  • We have 40 employees, and our business process involves more than 100 people.

  • Sample for Evaluation:

    Yes, we can provide you with the required samples for your evaluation. In the same way, you provide us with your courier account number to send the sample on a freight collection basis.

  • Our Strength:

    We are capable enough to meet all of your quality, consistency, and cost competitiveness requirements.

  • Yes! We can also provide you with your customized instruments. So, if you write us your requirements as samples, we should not furnish you with more than 12pcs, due to restricting our company policy.

  • We checked each ploy bag with 100% Inspection before dispatch to our customers to ensure that poly bags are free from hire, dust, and insect contamination. Also, we review each polybag with the help of magnifying glass to control any contamination.

  • Of course, yes! We are ready to meet with your good self in Pakistan. Please provide your complete schedule and program to discuss future business talks.

  • We hope that we cover all frequently asked questions received from multiple customers. Further, contact us via email and or WhatsApp if you have any inquiries about our offering products. In the same way, please let us know what you require from us. We will be happy to assist you!