Obstetrics Gynecology Surgical Instruments

Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgery is a specialized medical field focusing on women’s reproductive systems. In this field, precision and reliability are crucial. ISAHA Medical offers an extensive range of Obstetrics Gynecology Surgical Instruments, from sets to a single piece, which is 100% QC checked, ensuring unmatched reliability. Our collection includes various types of Obstetrics Gynecology Surgical Instruments, each crafted to meet the highest standards. These instruments are not just tools; they are handmade masterpieces, aligning with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and CE certifications, reflecting quality and safety. If you want to buy Obstetrics Gynecology Surgical Instruments, consider ISAHA Medical for their comprehensive Obstetrics Gynecology Surgical Instruments Sets. Surgeons can confidently perform procedures with these instruments, knowing they have the best tools.


At ISAHA Medical, our mission is to empower healthcare professionals in obstetrics and gynecology with the highest quality surgical instruments. We are dedicated to innovation, ensuring each tool we offer is not only advanced in technology but also safe, reliable, and effective. Our commitment extends beyond sales; we strive to support the medical community through excellent customer service, educational resources, and affordable pricing. In doing so, we aim to contribute to improving women’s health care globally, adhering to and setting industry standards. At ISAHA Medical, we are more than just a supplier; we partner in advancing women’s health.

What is an Obstetrics Gynecology Surgery?

Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgery is a medical specialty focused on the female reproductive system. It blends two areas:

  • Obstetrics: This branch handles pre-conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and post-delivery care. Obstetric surgeries, like cesarean sections and episiotomies, address childbirth complexities.
  • Gynecology: This sector deals with the health of the reproductive system (vagina, uterus, ovaries) beyond pregnancy. Gynecological surgeries, such as hysterectomies and laparoscopies, treat conditions like fibroids and cancer.

These surgeries are crucial for managing women’s reproductive health issues, ranging from pregnancy to reproductive organ diseases. They play a significant role in ensuring women’s overall health and well-being.

What are Obstetrics Gynecology Surgery Instruments or tools?

Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgery Instruments are vital tools in women’s healthcare:

  • These instruments include forceps and scissors, which are crucial during childbirth and surgeries.
  • We have speculums and dilators used for examining and treating the female reproductive system.
  • There are clamps and sutures essential for controlling bleeding and closing incisions. These tools are designed for precision and safety, ensuring successful outcomes in obstetrics and gynecological procedures.
  • They are often made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and sterility.

In summary, Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgical Instruments are vital in providing adequate care for women’s health, from routine check-ups to complex surgeries. With these tools, healthcare professionals can offer the best care, ensuring women’s health and well-being.

Types and use of Obstetrics Gynecology Surgical Instruments or tools (OB/GYN).

Following are the common types of instruments or tools used in gynecological surgery procedures:

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Why buy OB/GYN instruments from ISAHA Medical?

Buying OB/GYN instruments from ISAHA Medical is an intelligent choice for several reasons. First off, they provide a wide range of high-quality instruments. This means you can find exactly what you need for various procedures. Next, ISAHA Medical’s instruments are known for their durability. They are built to last, giving you great value for your investment. Also, they ensure that all their instruments are 100% quality-checked. This guarantees reliability and safety in every use.

Moreover, ISAHA Medical stays updated with the latest technological advancements. Their tools are not only efficient but also meet modern surgical standards. Furthermore, their customer service is top-notch. They are always ready to assist with any inquiries or after-purchase support. Finally, buying from ISAHA Medical means you’re choosing a provider who values precision and excellence in women’s healthcare. In summary, ISAHA Medical is the go-to for dependable, state-of-the-art OB/GYN instruments.



    Follow instructions to increase tool life and better use of tools.

    1. Sterilize before use.
    2. The instruments must be cleaned, lubricated, and sterilized after use.
    3. Fine instruments can be ultrasonically cleaned.
    4. Rinse instruments thoroughly and gently after cleaning. Use demineralized water whenever possible.
    5. Dry well after rinsing.
    6. Lubricate tools with joints, ratchet, or threaded connections with paraffin oil-based formulations.
    7. Before sterilization, close the ratchet in only one division.
    8. Processing in an autoclave is carried out with saturated steam at a temperature of +134°C.
    9. Corroded tools must be taken out of use immediately.
  • ONLINE CATALOG of Gynecology Surgical Instruments

    ISAHA Medical’s online catalog of Gynecology Surgical Instruments is a key resource for healthcare professionals. Firstly, it showcases a wide range of instruments like forceps, scissors, and specula, all essential in gynecology. Each item comes with clear, easy-to-understand descriptions and high-quality images. This makes choosing the right tool simple. Also, the catalog includes helpful search and filter options. This means doctors and nurses can quickly find exactly what they need.

    Furthermore, the catalog provides detailed information about each instrument, including size, material, and medical standards compliance. For ease of purchase, it clearly outlines ordering and pricing details. Additionally, ISAHA Medical offers great customer support. They provide contact information and educational resources, like usage guides, making the catalog more than just a shopping place. It’s a valuable tool for informed decision-making in medical care.