About Us

ISAHA Medical establish in 2012 as a division of its parent business, BMA International. Also, we are a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality hand-made general surgical instruments, dissection tools & beauty care tools.

We specialize in surgical instruments, dissection, and beauty tools (made of stainless steel) and export them worldwide, particularly in the USA and Europe. We have in-house 40 workers, and more than 100 workers are linked with our business process and operate on a single shift. In the same way, ISAHA Medical creates a Quality System in line with the ISO, CE, and FDA requirements. Thatswhy, we have a distinctive position in our exporter’s fraternity in Sialkot-Pakistan.

ISAHA Medical is a customer-oriented company that attempts to meet and exceed your expectations. Also, we are committed to making continuous improvements to align our company processes better with your needs.

Further, are you searching for a reliable supplier of Medical Instruments, Dissection, and Beauty Care tools? Please get in touch with us.


Medical and Surgical Instruments

The category of Medical Instruments covers various types of Plastic Surgery, Orthopedic, Gyne, and general surgical instruments. These instruments are directly or indirectly involved in general surgery or any surgical task. Also, we provide an option for Laryngoscope and Otoscope.

Scientific and Dissection Tools Tools

This category covers the entire range of Scientific and Dissection instruments (made of stainless steel). These instruments involve lab use and experiments purpose. The main instruments of this category are dissecting kits and laboratory metalware.

Beauty and Personal Care Tools

This category covers tools such as Manicures & Pedicure, Eyelash Extension Tools, and Eyelash Tweezers. Also, these tools are directly or indirectly involved in make-up or personal care.

Special about ISAHA Medical’s Quality and Features?

We believe in establishing a very close & long-term relationship with our customers. That is why we understand their specific requirements and act accordingly. In the same way, we provide exceptional quality and service that guarantees our customer’s total success. It will also help us to flourish in our related fields.

  • Product Features

    On-demand, ISAHA Medical provides our valued customers with E.C. Declaration of Conformity Class (I), Technical Drawing, Certificate of Quality (COQ), Certificate of Analysis (COA), and Instruction for Use (IFU) of any product.
    Also, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@medical-isaha.com or WhatsApp at +92 – 333 – 9999 462 if you require any other information.

  • Product Selection

    Ensure your buying need from ISAHA Medical because we have so many different options of Medical Instruments, dissection tools, and beauty tools for sale. Sometimes, a website does not cover the entire range of a product.

  • Regardless of the clinic’s or expert’s financial capabilities and pricing policy, every doctor, surgeon, and beauty professional wants to use only the best practices to save a patient’s health. For this reason, purchasing ISAHA surgery and beauty care instruments at a reasonable price. Also, our best tools are made from German steel to entice consumers to buy them.

    • Mission

    We aim to bring the convenience and first choice that define the best supplier of medical instruments, scientific/dissection tools, and beauty care tools worldwide with the help of quality and innovation. Also, our mission is to supply assured quality products across the globe, even those in the most isolated parts of the world. In the same way, to improve their daily lives and enjoy access to modern technology conveniences.

    • Vision

    The vision and corporate principles of ISAHA Medical give a clear direction for our business and its overall aims. In the same way, we achieve success by focusing on team culture and team-inspired leadership.

    • Customers First:

    We execute to respond to our customer’s needs and obtain their trust daily.

    • Do the Right Thing :

    In all we do, we strive for the most significant levels of quality and honesty.

    • Product Innovation and Improvement:

    We will work on innovative products in this link and continuously improve our performance.

    • Devotion to our people:

    We work as a team, and our staff is full of integrity, dedication, creativity, and enthusiasm. In the same way, we are always trying to win customer satisfaction with the best of our efforts.


    With the idea of uncompromised quality and adherence to the most stringent standards, we are committed to achieving excellence in:

    • Quality
    • Customer Relations
    • 100% Customers Satisfaction
    • Performance Management
    • Reengineered Process

    ISAHA Objective

    Our main objective is to produce medical instruments, dissection, and beauty tools intended for humans to be safe and comply with international standards.

  • Environment Policy

    ISAHA Medical is a company manufacturing & exporting all kinds of Surgical goods for international markets. We understand that our business may have some environmental impact by performing our activities and using raw materials/chemicals.
    We continually enhance our Environmental Management System to establish a safe and pleasant working environment in this connection.

  • You can view our online pdf catalog at the following link:

  • Yes, we can provide you with the samples for your evaluation and quality assessment. For this purpose, you provide us with your courier account number. So, we will send it to you on a freight collect basis.

  • Yes! We can also provide you with your customized instruments. So, if you write us your requirements as samples, we should not furnish you with more than 12pcs, due to restricting our company policy.

ISO Certificates

ISO certification is an authorization paper received from third-party after their approval. It ensures that a company complies with all standards and quality assurance requirements.

In the same way, we proudly announce that we have attained the following ISO certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 13485:2016

Here, you can online check our certifications. It would be convenient for you to copy 08328/BMA09U or 08328/BMA85A and paste it into the registration number head for online checking. Also, please view our ISO certificates; it is for your kind reference. Should you require more information about our certifications, please feel free to contact us.

ISO 9001 2015
ISO 13485 2016