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    ISAHA Medical

    Medical Instruments Catalog

    ISAHA Medical offers a wide range of medical instruments for buying. In this concern, a complete range of medical tools compiles in pdf format. For your convenience, you can search any medical instrument by name, type, or size to find what you need.
    Also, here is a list of all of the medical instruments:

    • Plastic surgery instruments catalog pdf

    You can find a wide range of cosmetic surgical tools in this pdf.

    • Orthopedic surgery instruments pdf:

    You can find many orthopedic surgical tools in this pdf.

    • General surgical instruments:

    This catalog provides a vast collection of reusable and disposable general surgical instruments.

    Science & Laboratory Tools

    ISAHA Medical offers a vast collection of science and laboratory tools for buying. For this purpose, a complete range of science & lab tools are compiled in PDF format. For your convenience, here are the lists of Science & Laboratory Tools:

    • Lab Scientific Supplies pdf

    You can find various lab metalware tools for science & lab in this pdf.

    • Dissection tools and dissecting kits catalog pdf:

    You can find many dissection tools and dissecting kits in this catalog.

    Personal Care and Cosmetic Tools

    ISAHA Medical with special offers for buying a wide range of beauty care tools at the best prices. Here, you can view an illustrated guide of beauty care tools compiled in pdf format. You can search for any hand-made beauty care tool conveniently.
    Also, here is a list of all of the beauty care tools:

    • Manicure and pedicure tools pdf

    You can find various manicure and pedicure tools in this pdf.

    • Eyelash extension tweezers catalog pdf:

    This catalog covers almost all types of eyelash extension tweezers in pdf format. So, you can find your desired lash tweezer from this catalog.

    • Eyelash tools pdf:

    This pdf provides a vast collection of eyelash tools.