Crucible laboratory tongs are science laboratory equipment. These crucible tongs are handmade tools and come in various shapes and sizes. Also, the intended use of crucible tongs is to grasp or hold heat-resistant materials such as crucibles, beakers, flakes, or dishes in science lab chemistry experiments. Further, it can be utilized to handle other potentially hazardous compounds that you couldn’t hold with bare hands. ISAHA Medical’s handmade crucible laboratory tongs comply with the requirements of ISO and CE. In the same way, you can buy crucible laboratory tongs from us. Also, we offer a suggested set of crucible laboratory tongs to our valued customers.

Our crucible tongs are essential for business, industrial science, and lab applications. Also, these supplies are commonly known as science lab supplies and are ideal for teachers and experts. Our mission is to meet or fulfill your requirements about the lab experiment’s purpose with the help of our quality assured products. We did accept custom-made needs and demands from our valued customers.

What are crucible laboratory tongs?

The purpose of this tool is to handle a hot crucible, evaporating dishes, flasks, tiny beakers, or other things that have a high temperature or contain potentially harmful ingredients that cannot touch with bare hands. In other words, this tool allows safety measures that protect against chemical burns.

Crucible tongs look like scissors, except that conventional scissors allow for cutting the object, but crucible tongs hold the thing. The Curley blade of crucible tongs enables you to get a good grasp on the item. They are available in various sizes, allowing the customer to find the ideal style for their needs. In the same way, metals used to make crucible tongs include brass, steel, stainless steel, nickel-plated steel, cadmium-plated steel, platinum, etc.

Types of lab crucible tongs.

There are the following types of crucible tongs used in science lab chemistry experiments:

  • Beaker tongs: Beaker tongs are tools used to grasp and transfer beakers containing hot liquids throughout the laboratory.
  • Laboratory tongs: This tool aims to grab and carry items rather than hold them directly with the hands.
  • Heavy-duty crucible tongs: Heavy-duty tongs are intended to make crucible pouring easier.
  • Test tube tongs: A test-tube tong is handy for holding a heated test tube that you cannot grasp with your hand.

Where can I find the crucible laboratory tongs?

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Crucible laboratory tongs best seller.

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Crucible laboratory tongs catalog pdf.

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