Lash Tools are personal care tools used for health & beauty needs. However, it consists of cosmetic tools or makeup tools. “ISAHA Medical” offers to buy these hand-made lash tools at a fair price with the assurance of their intended use. In order, you can manage your lash look with our hand-made tools. Our tools and accessories have the highest quality in terms of material, functionality (intended use), and the best prices. Here, you can find a wide range and the best collection of lash tools in individual and set forms. So, buy hand-made eye-makeup tools and lash accessories from ISAHA Medical without delay!

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Our mission is to make your look expressive with the help of our quality lash tools so that you save time on makeup and look fantastic.

What are lash accessories?

The eyelash extension procedure is popular among women. As a result of its correct implementation, the look becomes expressive, and daily makeup ceases to take a lot of time. Also, hand-made lash tools are personal care tools for your lash fashion or beauty needs. Further, if you want to obtain a luxurious build-up effect? It would be best to find a good master who uses high-quality tools in the process. In conclusion, these tools give you the best result for your lashes.

Types of eyelash tools?

Following types of eyelash Accessories which commonly used during eyelash extension procedures:

  • Eyelash extension tweezers
  • Scissors for eyelash
  • False eyelash applicator
  • Comb lash separator
  • Lash lifting Accessories
  • Eyebrows microblading divider
  • Eyelash extension mirror
  • Hand-made lash tools sets

Hand-made Lash Tools and their use?

Common types of handmade last tools with their intended use are as follows:

  • Eyelash scissors

The intended use of eyelash scissors is to cutting long lashes to the desired length. In the same way, the sharp edges of these scissors will give you a clean edge when cutting lash tape and improve productivity as you build beautiful looks for clients.

  • False eyelash applicator

A false eyelash applicator is a convenient device that makes applying false lashes easy and precise. Also, It is portable, lightweight, and easy to use.

  • Comb Lash separator

A comb lash separator is a cosmetic accessory used for eyelash extension. However, a lash separator can be used to card brows and eyelashes, making them neater and tridimensional.

  • Lash lifting tools

A lash lifting tool is a stylish device with a fine point for easy lash separation. Hence, this instrument separates and ensures that the lashes are lined up correctly on the rods for lash lifts.

  • Microblading divider

The Microblading divider tool helps you achieve symmetrically and correctly positioned eyebrow shape. Also, it could be more accurate for those just starting with permanent makeup, eyebrows, and lips. Thus, its adjustable scale can measure different types of brows and paint the most appropriate eyebrow shape.

  • Eyelash extension mirror

The intended use of an eyelash mirror is to check the position, angle, and gaps in your makeup. Also, the eyelash extension mirror is lightweight and constructed from stainless material that gives a comfortable grip and practical use.

In the same way, the handle mirror has a large rectangle mirror part to view all areas where there is no unseen place in the field of vision.

  • Lash tools Sets

The Eyelash extension toolset or kit consists of many cosmetic accessories or makeup instruments. Also, these kits are suitable for beauty salons, beginners, beauty eyelash artists, and professional beauticians.

Lash Tools Catalog

For our international customers, we have developed a PDF version catalog. Through our catalog, you can easily access your required lash accessories. Also, we help you with your desired product selection.

Product Customization is available in Lash Tools.

Our lash device customization included color, size, shape, design, and packing. We also consider the needs and demands of our customers. Please send us your order so we can make it according to your request. We have all of the necessary modern resources to meet your requirements. Would you please send us your design? Then our designer will produce new goods for you. So, you can buy our hand-made eye-makeup tools as per your requirements.


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