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ISAHA Medical presents an outstanding range of lash tools, perfect for anyone looking to buy top-quality eye-makeup tools. Each piece in our collection is hand-tested lash tools, ensuring unique craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our lash tools sets are not just tools but a blend of art and precision. With 100% QC-checked products, you can trust in their reliability and performance. Our lash accessories are crafted from premium stainless steel, promising durability and ease of use. Notably, all our products adhere to the highest standards, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, and are CE-certified. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, our lash tools are designed to meet your needs. By choosing ISAHA Medical, you’re not just buy handmade eye-makeup tools but investing in quality and innovation. So, why wait? Explore our range today and experience the excellence of our lash toolsets.

Also, our lash accessories are the best for the false eyelash technique. Our eye makeup and fake eyelash tools are essential for your lash fashion and beauty needs. Thus, these lash instruments give you a unique lash look.


Our mission is to make you look expressive with the help of our quality lash tools so that you save time on makeup and look fantastic.

What are lash tools?

Lash tools are essential for anyone wanting to enhance their eye makeup. These tools, carefully hand-tested, guarantee precision and ease of use. They include various items, each serving a unique lash care and application purpose. Handmade lash tools stand out, offering unparalleled quality and attention to detail. In addition, made from stainless steel, these tools are sturdy and easy to clean, making them a favorite among professionals and makeup enthusiasts alike.

Also, stainless steel lash tools bring a touch of elegance to your makeup routine. So, these lash tools are essential whether you’re an expert makeup artist or love playing with different looks. They help you accurately apply and maintain your lashes, ensuring your eyes look their best. In addition, with these tools, enhancing your eyelashes becomes a simple, enjoyable process, elevating your overall look with minimal effort.

List of eyelash tools?

The following types of eyelash Accessories are commonly used during eyelash extension procedures:

  • Eyelash extension tweezers
  • Scissors for eyelash
  • False eyelash applicator
  • Comb lash separator
  • Lash lifting Accessories
  • Eyebrows microblading divider
  • Eyelash extension mirror
  • Hand-made lash tool sets

Types of Lash Tools and their use?

Common types of handmade last tools with their intended use are as follows:

  • Eyelash Scissors: These have sharp, fine tips for accurately trimming lashes. Their design allows for precise cutting, ensuring lashes are the perfect length.
  • False Eyelash Applicator: Resembling tweezers with a curved grip. This tool makes applying false lashes easier and more precise, avoiding mess and discomfort.
  • Lash Lifting Tools: Often curved or hooked, these are used to lift and shape natural eyelashes.
  • Microblading Divider: A specialized tool used in microblading, it helps achieve symmetrical brows, which is crucial for a balanced and polished look.
  • Eyelash Extension Mirror: This angled mirror allows for a better view when applying lash extensions, ensuring they are placed correctly.
  • Lash Tools Sets: These sets combine various tools, offering everything needed for comprehensive lash care. They are perfect for those who want a complete toolkit for eyelash grooming.

Lash Tools Catalog

For our international customers, we have developed a PDF version of the catalog. Through our catalog, you can easily access the required lash accessories. Also, we help you with your desired product selection.

Product Customization is available in Lash Tools.

Our lash device customization included color, size, shape, design, and packing. We also consider the needs and demands of our customers. Please send us your order so we can make it according to your request. We have all of the necessary modern resources to meet your requirements. Would you please send us your design? Then our designer will produce new goods for you. So, you can buy our hand-made eye-makeup tools as per your requirements.


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