Laboratory supplies belong to the many tools and lab stocks used by students and experts working in a lab. These are also called lab metalware or scientific tools. ISAHA MEDICAL offers you to buy Laboratory Supplies of premium quality. We have been exporting professional hand-made Laboratory Supplies or lab metalware to worldwide clients for ten years. Further, we provide scientific tools such as crucible tongs, lab spatula, etc., that are vital for business and industrial science and laboratory use. So, we assure you that our lab metalware products are fit for their intended use. In the same way, buy your desired hand-made laboratory tools from us.

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    • Test Tube Racks.
    • Test Tube Baskets.
    • Wire Baskets.
    • Petri Dishes.
    • Pipettes box.
    • Lab Spatula.
    • Micro Probe Set.
    • Lab Tweezers.
    • Crucible Laboratory Tongs.

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What are laboratory supplies?

Laboratory supplies are helpful to gather data during experiments and other activities in a lab. Tools help scientists observe, describe, compare, measure and talk with each other. Students use lab science tools to cut up a frog, a cat, or a rat during the anatomy procedure.

Types of scientific tools and their use?

Scientific tools are science lab supplies or biology lab supplies. These lab supplies are usually composed or designed for the students of schools and universities. Further, students can perform better in their lab experiments through these lab supplies. We’ll go over the following lab supplies and how to use them.

List of Lab Tools or instruments:

  • Test tube racks are a piece of laboratory equipment used to hold multiple test tubes upright simultaneously. Also, they are handy for preparing test tubes when various solutions are being worked on or collected.
  • Test tube baskets are ideal for rinsing and draining glassware. They are also helpful for storing test tubes or culture tubes during sterilization or incubation.
  • Wire baskets are used for the storage of different things during lab experiments.
  • Petri dishes are shallow cylindrical, the round glass used in laboratories to culture different microorganisms and cells. In the same way, it’s vital to keep microorganisms like bacteria and viruses separated from other species or elements when studying them under close observation.
  • A pipette box is a laboratory tool used to move a measured amount of liquid, often as a media dispenser, in chemistry, biology, and medicine.
  • Lab spatula has different purposes within a laboratory. As well as, you can use the spatulas to measure solids, move things, and scrape stuff out of beakers.
  • A microprobe set is a helpful tool to have on hand for cleaning small or hard-to-reach places while working with wax or clay or scraping, cutting, forming, and shaping.
  • Dissecting tweezers and forceps are small tools to grasp and manipulate small or small objects in various laboratories and other working environments.
  • Crucible laboratory tongs are scissor-like tools with two pincers or concave metal pieces that allow users to grasp a warm crucible, flasks, evaporating dishes, or even small beakers instead of two blades.

Where can I find the lab metalware?

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Where to buy laboratory tools?

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Laboratory supplies catalog pdf

We have lab supplies PDF catalog for the buyers. Through our lab tools pdf catalog, the buyer can select essential lab practice tools or supplies. So, you can buy laboratory tools direct from us.


  • What is the first thing you should do in a lab?

    We need to take some precautions or safety measures before any medical procedures. In the same way, always wear hand gloves, a lab coat, and eye goggles when using laboratory supplies.

  • What are the laboratory tools and their uses?

    Laboratory tools and their uses are essential to any lab experiment. Also, these tools are working well defined during the examination.
    Finally, hand-made laboratory tools are dissecting kits, crucible tongs, lab spatula, etc.