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ISAHA Medical provides a vast selection of dissecting tools for all perfectionists that will allow you to complete your dissection procedure to make it even more versatile. In the same way, we assure you that our dissecting tools are the best tools for any dissecting process because of meeting the specific need. As a result, you can buy quality hand-made dissecting tools from us for your science & laboratory needs.


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How do you use dissecting tools?

There are several sorts of dissection instruments. The following dissection tools with their respective names and functions are as follows:

  • Dissection scissors: It is a primary tool for dissection procedures. Dissection scissors are used to cut skin and tissues. However, these scissors must use care to prevent damage to internal structures.
  • The dissecting forceps: It is a tool for grasping and manipulating parts of an organism during a dissection.
  • The scalpel: A scalpel is a sharp tool used for precision cutting.
  • Dissecting Needle: This tool manipulates tissues and separates membranes during dissection.
  • Dissection Probe: The probe tool helps manipulate specimens, separate & move around organs, and aid organ removal.

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  • Dissection tools are experimental medical tools used to cut out a part of dead organisms. Therefore today, dissections, or the act of cutting open dead microorganisms to study their features, still play a role in science and medicine. However, Dissection tools allow us to identify the active parts of the body. They can support us to follow the structure of body organs and how they relate to their work function.
    When studying the body’s anatomy, one of the essential aspects is to see the inside of the organism’s body generally. Many students dissect animals’ body anatomy like a frog, cat rat, etc.

  • What is a Dissection Kit?

    Dissection kits are a complete set of dissection tools for experiment or operational use. These tools are working on different animals for internal body examination.

  • Dissection tools are clean through sanitizer and warm water. Each Dissection tool will sanitize appropriately before use. Many other liquids and soaps are also helpful for cleaning the rust and contaminated dust on the instrument’s surface.

  • Types of dissection tools?

    We provide a comprehensive selection of dissecting equipment to meet your laboratory’s demands. Also, dissection sets for all skill levels are available or modified as per the customer’s demand. Following is the list of dissection tools commonly used in the dissection procedure:

    • Dissection Scissors.
    • Dissecting Forceps.
    • Scalpel Handles and Blades.
    • Dissection Probe, Pins, and Needles.
    • Dissecting Sets.
  • Frog dissection procedure

    The objective of frog dissection is to learn about frog anatomy. In addition, it facilitates a greater comprehension of the anatomy of vertebrate animals and humans.

    After completing this dissection, you will be able to locate the right dissection places. Consequently, it is possible to position the crucial organs within the frog’s body cavity.

  • It is essential to handle the sharp instruments with care. Always cut away from the body and other people. In the same way, don’t use excessive force when working with or cleaning sharp tools. Always wear protective clothing when working. Also, wash hands properly before leaving the laboratory.