ISAHA Medical offers to buy Eyelash tweezers for professional and individual purposes. ISAHA is the most sought-after name in cosmetology products in Sialkot-Pakistan. We specialize in producing the best hand-made eyelash tweezers. Also, we provide an option of eyelash tweezers sets and any customization in eyelash tweezers. Our professional lash tweezers meet the highest quality standards. All of our best tweezers are hand-tested before being dispatched to the customers.

Eyelash tweezers are beauty tools designed for lashes. These lash tweezers are perfect for your health & beauty—they also work on different lashes that fulfill your desire and personal care needs. In addition, these makeup tools are the best for your lashes. Eye makeup tools are perfect for your needs when you go for fashion needs. Thus, cosmetic tools are helpful for your lashes. In the end, false eyelash tools are ideal for lashes.

Types and Features of ISAHA Medical’s Eyelash Tweezers:

Eyelash tweezers come in various types, each designed for specific purposes or preferences in applying and managing false eyelashes. Here’s a detailed look at some common types:

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Intended use of Eyelash tweezers!

Eyelash tweezers are handy tools with a specific purpose. First and foremost, they help in applying false eyelashes. With these tweezers, you can easily pick up and place lashes right where they need to go. Also, this is especially useful for getting close to the lash line, ensuring a natural look.

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Find Eyelash Tweezers & Eyelash Tweezers Sets!

Are you searching to buy the best quality hand-made lash tweezers or eyelash tweezer sets? Please browse the category and buy it now!

About Eyelash Extension Tweezers

The lash extension technique determines the choice of tweezers and sets. It is necessary to focus on the flap’s contact, which can be straight or curved. Also, professional lash tweezers vary in type and shape.

Types of hand-made eyelash extension tweezers:

Eyelash extension tweezers have different types and shapes depending on their intended use. In the same way, the following are the common types of hand-made eyelash extension tweezers:

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How do you choose the best handmade eyelash extension tweezers?

A Tweezer is a small pincer-like instrument, usually made of stainless steel. Also, It is used to handle or pick up thin lash objects, pluck hairs, pull out slivers, etc. Further, this process will be tricky if you do not have the proper eyelash extension tweezers or sets.

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Professional lash Tweezers Catalog pdf

The eyelash tweezers catalog includes pictures, names, and lists. So, please view the online pdf catalog of professional lash tweezers for further reference. Further, this product illustration is beneficial for you in selecting or buying your desired eyelash tweezers or lash tweezers sets.

Professional Lash Tweezers Best Seller

Where can I buy eyelash tweezers? It is a difficult question. But, in this concern, we can help you compare and reduce the cost of eyelash tweezers in sets and individual forms. Hence, features of flawless quality, product customization, and excellent functional efficiency make our products unique.

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  • What is the purpose of lash tweezers?

    Before you buy tweezers for lash extensions, you should understand the purpose of this tool. The meaning of the extension lies in the fact that the master, capturing one hair, glues one or several synthetic hairs to it.

    1. First of all, you need to disconnect one hair from another. Using tweezers, it is necessary to carefully move the lashes away and fix them in this position, waiting for the synthetic lash to stick.
    2. It is also necessary to carefully hold the hair because it has a small diameter – from 0.05 to 0.25 mm.

    Further, the type of lash tweezers or sets is selected based on the bending of synthetic hairs and the extension method.

    That is why it is essential to choose the right tool. In the process of work, the master will need only two tweezers. One is for natural eyelashes, and the other is for synthetic ones.

  • Sharpening tweezers for lash extension

    Since professional tools are slightly expensive, we do not advise purchasing a new one immediately if the old one starts to work worse. Perhaps it became dull from time to time or due to inadequate care.

    Also, if the tool fails to perform the necessary manipulations, it’s time to sharpen it. Then, you will be unable to point the instrument at home independently. Because if hand-sharpened tweezers for lash extension become too sharp, they can injure the lashes and eyelids. In the same way, we assure you complete confidence if you buy our eyelash tweezers.

  • How to use and store lash extension tweezers?

    A tool such as tweezers plays an essential role in eye makeup work. In the same way, you need to choose a durable, high-quality device that will perfectly cope with its functions and help you to do the job quickly and efficiently.

    In eyelash extension technology, it is customary to distinguish two stages:

    1. The choice of the base cilia;
    2. Hair attachment.

    The building process requires two tools. One is needed to work with natural hairs, the other – with artificial ones.

    The first tweezer’s purpose is to separate the lash on which will place the artificial hair. The cilium must be held so that it does not come into contact with bordering hairs. With the second tool, the master captures hairs from a special box whose diameter is only 0.05 to 0.25 mm. It would help if you were careful and precise when attaching an artificial eyelash to a natural one.

    If you take good care of the tweezers, they will last long enough. Also, it is vital to remove the remaining glue after the procedure. In the same way, we must not forget the need to disinfect the instrument after each extension. Finally, after finishing the treatment, do not forget to rinse the tweezers with running water and dry them with a tissue. Store it in a particular case or stand.

  • How to sterilize lash extension tweezers

    Every cosmetological instrument needs mandatory disinfection and sterilization. So, it is necessary to rinse the tweezers with water using a special small brush.