Laryngoscope blades and handles

Laryngoscope blades and handles are standard parts of the laryngoscope. ISAHA Medical offers the best products of laryngoscopes to clients at the best price. Also, laryngoscope handles are applicable for both Macintosh and Miller blades. In short, the Macintosh blade is the most popular curved laryngoscope blade, whereas the Miller blade is the most popular straight laryngoscope blade. We can provide any laryngoscope set in either a plastic case or a wooden box. As a quality supplier, we ensure that our laryngoscope blades, handles, and sets comply with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and CE. In the same way, you can buy hand-made laryngoscope blades and handles from us with much confidence.

What is the intended use of a laryngoscope handle?

The standard laryngoscope handle is an attachment used with rigid standard laryngoscope blades. It checks and sees a patient’s airway and helps with tracheal tube installation.

What is the intended use of a laryngoscope blade?

Blades of a laryngoscope are the principal device utilized to inspect the larynx and implant an endotracheal tube.

Common types of laryngoscope blades?

  • Miller laryngoscope blades: The most common straight type is the Miller Laryngoscope Blade. The flange side is made smaller to reduce trauma, and then bend at the tip or beak is made longer to help lift the epiglottis. These changes make it easier to see the larynx in patients who are hard to intubate.
  • Macintosh laryngoscope blades: Macintosh is the most popular style of curved blade. Blades are placed at the epiglottis-to-base-of-tongue angle while performing laryngoscopy. Also, this indirectly causes the epiglottis to rise. Further, flangeless versions of several diameters are available. Die-stamped or one-piece blades with a slightly enlarged flange are also an option.

Types of hand-made laryngoscope blades and handles

Laryngoscope blades performs a vital role in laryngoscopy procedure. Here, you can find the following types of regular use laryngoscope blades:

  • Flex-Tip Laryngoscopes Blades
  • Integrated Laryngoscopes Blades
  • Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blades Reusable
  • Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blades Disposable
  • Conventional Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blades Reusable

The handles are a regular part of the laryngoscope. Also, the following are the common types of hand-made laryngoscope handles:

  • Flex-Tip Laryngoscopes Handles Re-usable
  • Integrated Laryngoscopes Handles Disposable
  • Conventional Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handles
  • Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handles Re-usable

We have to provide these blades and handles of the laryngoscope to our customers at the best price with top-class quality material. You can get these blades and handles from us.

Laryngoscope pdf catalog

We have to design laryngoscope blades and handles as a pdf catalog for buyers. Here they can easily find what they expected. Further, clients can select the laryngoscope’s blades and handles as an individual or set forms based on their requirements. In short, this catalog contains all of the information you need to know about your medical devices. We can also help you with your demand and selection. We made a laryngoscope as per the buyer’s needs and request.


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Where can I find the Laryngoscope blades and handles?

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  • Conventional Laryngoscope blades

    A conventional laryngoscope is the most widely use device for tracheal intubations. In the same way, batteries, a light source, and a pair of replaceable curved or straight blades are housed in the handle.

  • Warning
    • Don’t leave the instrument in plain water or in a salty or humid environment for a long time.
    • Don’t let too much water get into electrical contact.
      It would help if you didn’t use ultrasonic.
    • During the sterilization process, you can only use one type of material.
  • Fiber optic Laryngoscope blades

    Fiber optic laryngoscope re-usable blades are used during anesthesiology, intubation, and resuscitation procedure. Almost every type of fiber optic blade has a F/O light guide system that is replaceable. Also, only a few blades have a fixed tube that holds the optical fibers. In the same way, these blades are made according to the international standard for fiber optic laryngoscope blades.

  • Laryngoscope products best sellers

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