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Dissecting kits are tools for precise cutting and examination in science and laboratories. If you need one, ISAHA Medical offers a variety of handmade dissecting kits. Also, these include both dissection sets and boxes. They are perfect for different uses, like science study and lab examinations. We use high-quality stainless steel, making these tools both durable and reliable. Plus, ISAHA Medical ensures its kits meet high standards like ISO and CE, showing they are safe and of premium quality. So, why do you wait? Explore and buy the dissecting kit from ISAHA Medical today! Elevate your scientific endeavors to the next level.


We aim to provide premium quality dissecting sets globally for standard classroom dissection workshops and professional service in laboratories, surgical rooms, and medical training programs.

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What is dissecting?

Dissecting is generally known as the autopsy of an animal’s body. As you see, show off the animal organ and body tissue or expose them. Further, you should know the basic tool kits for animal autopsies.

What are Dissection Kits?

The dissection kit is a set of tools required for dissection and autopsy. It is also called a dissection box. The dissection set is suitable for the intended use of biology, science, anatomy, and zoology experiments. Also, it includes dissection scissors, forceps, needles, hooks, spatula, etc.

In addition, our dissection kits help you effectively learn about the animal from the inside out. Hence, our dissection kits contain fine-quality tools. Now, get our quality dissection kits for science & laboratory at the best prices.

List and types of Dissecting Kits or sets?

We recommended to you the best lab practice kits you should use them. We offer the following hand-made dissecting kits to customers. You can buy these kits from us.

  • Dissecting kit for medical students
  • Biology dissecting kit
  • Student dissecting kit
  • Lab dissecting kit
  • Science dissecting kits
  • Dissecting set
  • Anatomy dissecting kit
  • Basic dissecting kit
  • frog dissecting kit

Above, our dissection kits are top-class for student and medical practice use. Thus, you should need these dissecting sets for the best lab use.

Common items include in the dissection box for medical students

The standard items included in the medical student’s dissection box are as follows. These tools are perfect for the intended use of any dissection procedure:

Dissecting Pins.

Also, we are capable of producing the required tools you need for your experiment. On the whole, your demand is our number one priority.

On the other hand, you can visit our online store. Next, you made your own choice and sent us an order. Finally, our dissenting kits are the best quality for your class experiment practice.

What are Dissecting kits and their uses?

Dissecting kits are specialized tools used in science and laboratory settings. These kits usually include a variety of instruments like scalpels, scissors, forceps, tweezers, and probes, all designed for precise cutting and examination of biological specimens. Often, they come in a dissection set or box, making them convenient to use and transport. These kits are essential for students and professionals alike. Also, these kits allow for detailed study and analysis in fields such as biology, anatomy, and medical research. Handmade dissecting kits, in particular, offer higher craftsmanship and durability. In addition, They are often made with precision and care, ensuring that each tool functions optimally for its intended use. In the same way, whether you use it for educational purposes in a classroom or for advanced research in a laboratory, dissecting kits are crucial in facilitating learning and discovery in the scientific community.


Handmade Dissecting kits for science & laboratory PDF Catalog

We design a pdf version catalog of dissecting sets for your convenience. So, you can select your desired tools or kits from it. In short, you can buy our hand-made dissecting kit according to your science lab need.