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Personal Care and Cosmetic Tools are used to maintain the looks and health of a person’s nails, hair, eyelash, and skin. These tools include personal care tools, nail care tools, and cosmetic tools for eye makeup. ISAHA’s hand-made beauty tools are fit for their intended use and suitable for experts such as stylists, barbers, manicurists, and makeup artists. Also, these tools create a better look for the client. So, browse the Personal Care, nail tools, and Cosmetic Tools category, where you can buy hand-made beauty tools at competitive prices.

In the same way, you can also view our beauty care tools via the online catalog.

How to choose personal care and cosmetic tools?

There are many different types of personal care and cosmetic tools. Hence, these tools fall under different categories depending on the application. As far as choosing cosmetic tools is concerned, you should know about the product’s material. In this link, surgical-grade stainless steel is a good option. Also, you should assess the competency of the supplier before purchasing. Finally, flawless quality is an essential part of any cosmetic tool.

Types of Beauty Tools

Types of beauty tools are as follows:

  • Manicure and Pedicure Tools comprise nail tools, manicure tool stets, personal barber kits for men, hair shear scissors, etc.
  • Tools for Eyelash Extensions include lash lifting tools, lash mirrors, eyelash extension tool kits, etc.
  • Eyelash Extensions Tweezers contain straight, curved, angled, and volume.
  • Body piercing tools include ring opening pliers, forceps with notched, Pennington forceps, ball forming pliers, dermal anchor forceps, tweezers, etc.
  • Jewelry tools contain pliers such as round nose, chain nose, flat nose, and side cutter, as well as the option of bead crimping pliers and split ring pliers.

Find Personal care and cosmetic tools such as Eye Makeup Tools, nail tools, and Hair Shears.

Shop to buy nail tools, hair care tools, and eye makeup tools such as manicures & pedicure tools, lash extension tools, and eyelash extension tweezers. So, explore the complete range of hand-made beauty cosmetic tools for buying at ISAHA Medical.

Where to buy hand-held tools for personal care and cosmetics?

Are you excited to buy hand-made tools for personal care and cosmetics that work well for what they’re meant to do and meet international standards like ISO and CE? If so, you’re in the right place.

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Here, you can buy a wide range of hand-held personal care and cosmetic tools compatible with international standards.
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In short, we promise you will get better results in terms of quality and how you intend to use it.


  • A manicure is a cosmetic procedure for the care of nails and hand skin. It consists of several stages of hand processing. Depending on the professional tools they are used.

  • The standard set of accessories for edging equipment includes:

    • Shaping file. Optimum abrasiveness (hardness) – from 180 to 400 grit. Higher values ​​(from 400 to 1000 grit) are suitable for weakened nails or leveling relief.
    • Tweezers or nippers. Clippers are a particular type of nail clipper used for trimming nails.
    • Scissors. There are several types: for the free edge of the nail, for the cuticle, and universal. Differ in tip width.
    • Buff for polishing plates. A quadrangular tool, each side of which has its degree of rigidity.
    • A trimmer (cuticle fork) is another tool for cuticles and burrs. Has a V-shaped tip. Removes skin less thoroughly than nail clippers, but safer.
    • Pusher (scraper) – a spatula with which the cuticle is pushed back.
  • Good personal hygiene is vital for health and social reasons for everybody. Your hygiene benefits your health and impacts the lives of those around you. Use your care tools during any cosmetic procedure. You will have no risk of germs from infected devices at your saloon or parlor!

  • A pedicure is a procedure for treating toenails and toenails.  With the help of a professional pedicure, you can get rid of calluses and rough skin and correct ingrown nails.

  • The set of devices depends on the method of the procedure. In hardware pedicures, as in hardware manicures, a device with rotating nozzles of various shapes is used. We have described their classification above.

    The classic edging technique requires the following tools:

    • Cuticle nippers – have a unique triangular shape that allows you to accurately and accurately remove the skin with minimal damage.
    • Nail clippers have very tightly squeezing blades that quickly cut the strong nail plates on the feet.
    • Scissors have different types and features. They treat both the hair and the free edge of the nail.
    • A scraper (razor) is a tool with a sharply sharpened blade. Also, as for instruction, use this tool carefully to prevent any injury or damage.
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