Body Piercing tools kit 16 pcs

Body Piercing tools kit 16 pcs


Elevate your piercing game with ISAHA Medical’s handmade Body Piercing tools kit 16 pcs. It is crafted from superior medical-grade stainless steel, and each tool guarantees rust-free durability. Plus, enjoy the unique perk of customizable sets tailored to your needs. Now, choose ISAHA Medical for unmatched piercing excellence. Trust in ISAHA’s commitment to quality and expertise. Also, buy a body Piercing tools kit with handmade quality from us.

Product Highlight of Body Piercing tools kit 16 pcs:

  • Category: Piercing & Tattooing, Piercing Supplies, and Tattooing Supplies.
  • Material: It’s made from high-quality medical-grade stainless steel.
  • Assurance: Comply with ISO and CE, free from rust and contamination.
  • Customization: The option of Custom-made Body piercing tool Sets is available.
  • Brand: ISAHA Medical


We are introducing the ISAHA Medical handmade Body Piercing tools kit 16 pcs made of premium quality materials to ensure a seamless piercing experience. Also, this handmade kit is of superior quality and has an available customization option to suit various piercing needs. Proudly compliant with ISO 901:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and CE standards, this set is the ultimate choice for professionals. So, buy a body Piercing tools kit.

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Types of tools and their Intended Use:

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ISAHA Medical

Intended Use

The Body Piercing Tools Kit, with 16 pieces, is crafted for precision in body piercing. It includes tools like Ring Pliers and Forceps for secure handling, Septum Forceps for nose piercings, and Hemostatic Forceps for safe bleeding control. Ideal for professional piercers, this kit ensures efficient, hygienic piercings across various body areas.



Material Type

Stainless Steel

Country of Origin


QC Testing

Following tests performs as per procedure:
• Material Chemical Analysis 7-element Test.
• Boil Test
• Passivation

Quality System Compliance

ISAHA Medical's Quality System is top-notch! We follow strict standards like ISO 9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016. Plus, we meet F 899-20 and CE rules, including the 93/42/EEC, updated by 2007/47/EC. Trust us for top quality and safety!

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    • ISAHA Medical

    Choosing to buy the Body Piercing Tools Kit (16 pcs) from ISAHA Medical can be a decision based on several trust factors:

    Quality Assurance: ISAHA Medical adheres to high standards, with tools made from medical-grade stainless steel. This ensures durability and safety.
    Certifications: The tools comply with rigorous standards like ISO and CE certifications, indicating that they meet global quality and safety requirements.
    Specialization: ISAHA Medical specializes in piercing and tattooing supplies, suggesting a focused expertise in creating tools tailored for these purposes.
    Customization Options: The availability of custom-made sets implies a commitment to meeting specific professional needs and preferences.
    Positive Reviews: Customer feedback and reviews can offer insights into the reliability and effectiveness of the tools.
    Professional Use: The comprehensive 16-piece kit is designed to cater to various piercing needs, indicating a professional-grade selection.

    Evaluating these aspects can help build trust and help make an informed decision to purchase from ISAHA Medical.

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