Basic Rhinoplasty Surgery Set

Basic Rhinoplasty Surgery Set


Rhinoplasty is a surgery that rebuilds the nose and fixes breathing issues caused by problems with its structure. It’s a type of surgery that requires a lot of care and precision, especially when handling and moving the nose. That’s why it’s essential to use reliable and accurate tools.

In this connection, ISAHA Medical offers a wide range of high-quality surgery tools, including a Basic Rhinoplasty Surgery Set that is specifically designed to help plastic surgeons do their job with precision and accuracy. Our goods have passed stringent testing and are guaranteed to meet the standards set by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Features of Basic Rhinoplasty Surgery Set:

  • Handmade premium quality plastic surgery instruments for rhinoplasty.
  • Use High-quality medical-grade stainless steel and comply with ISO and CE standards.
  • Rust and free from any contamination.

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The Basic Rhinoplasty Surgery Set has everything you need to do the operation. The right tools are needed for a nose operating procedure to go smoothly and accurately. In the same way, this set is a good choice.

Basic Rhinoplasty Surgery Set Includes:

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ISAHA Medical

Intended Use

The Basic Rhinoplasty Surgery Set has all the necessary tools to do the procedure. The accuracy and care needed for a nose job mean that the right tools are required, and this set is a good choice.



Material Type

Stainless Steel

Country of Origin


QC Testing

Following tests performs as per procedure:
• Material Chemical Analysis 7-element Test.
• Boil Test
• Passivation

Quality System Compliance

ISAHA Medical makes instruments for plastic surgery that meet ISO 9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, and F-899 standards. During production, plastic surgery sets are checked and controlled based on the product needs and standard operating procedures.

Quality Inspection

During the final quality check of Plastic Surgery Sets, we do take the following steps:

– Identifying the product: visually check the product.
– Dimensions: manually check the product's sizing with calibrated measuring gauges. Also, we use the Statistical Quality Control Chart (Xbar/R) on any crucial product size to ensure that products comply with their technical drawings.
– Finish: Ensure the smooth surface has no cracks or sharp edges.
– Contamination: At the quality control stage, we carefully check each product to ensure it isn't contaminated. Because of this, we make sure that none of our QC-checked products have blood, bugs, or hair on them.
– Rust: Visually check and ensure the product is free from rust.
– Product Function: Manually checked functional testing of the product.

Product's Declaration

We guarantee that the Plastic Surgery instruments we send to our valued customers as "OEM" are made of medical-grade stainless steel. Also, they meet ISO 7153-1 and F 899-20 standards. In the same way, our products are made according to the ISO 9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, and CE standards. In addition, they fall under Class 1 medical devices that meet the essential requirements of Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC as changed by 2007/47/EC.


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